How to turn on auto headlights on Toyota Venza

The first generation of Toyota Venza may feature auto headlights which can be turn on or off based on your preference.

Toyota Venza first generation (AV10; 2008) – (photo by Toyota)

Note: The headlamp control is located behind the left side of the steering wheel.

  1. To activate the headlamps, twist the handlamp control stock forward or away from you.
  2. The first position activates the daytime running lights, DRL.
  3. If equipped with automatic headlamps, this is also the auto position.
  4. With the ignition on and the control in the auto position, the headlamps, side markers and taillights will come on automatically when it gets dark. The instrument lights will dim as well.
  5. All exterior lights will turn off when there’s enough ambient light to see well without them.
  6. Daytime running lights work the same way, except the headlamps will remain on, all the time.
  7. Turning the headlamp control to the second stop, will turn on the side marker, parking, tail and license plate lights only.
  8. Twisting the knob further to the last stop turns on all the exterior lights, including the headlamps.
  9. If the vehicle is equipped with fog lamps, turn them on by rotating the inner fog lamp collar forward or away from you.
  10. To turn on the high beams, push the headlamp stock forward. A high beam icon will appear in the instrument cluster.
  11. To turn high beams on momentarily or flash them, pull the stock toward you and release.
Author: Nabeel K

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