How to turn off Reverse Brake Assist on Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer comes equipped with reverse brake assist, meaning the sensors at the back of the vehicle continuously monitor obstacles while you’re driving in reverse, and it may automatically apply brakes to avoid collision.

Ford Explorer, picture by Ford

When the system detects the obstacle, it alerts the driver and may apply brakes. There is possibility of this happening in error (for example in low light conditions, or the system judges the environment wrong) — to override the automatic brakes, just push the accelerator pedal.

1. To disable this feature, open settings menu on the infotainment system touch screen. Make sure your vehicle is in Park mode before doing this.

2. Select Driver Assistance from the menu.

3. Scroll down until you find Reverse Brake Assist option. Touch the slider button positioned next to it to turn it off.

4. You can also turn it back on using the same slider button, but you should keep in mind that the system may not always be available even after you turn it on from the settings menu. The reason for unavailability of the system can be either dirty rear-view camera, or the doors are not fully closed. You will see an alert message on the instrument cluster screen in case of system unavailability.

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4 months ago

thank you very much for this advice ! I have a Ford explorer 2020 ST and have difficulty with this option: I have a bike rack on the car all the time so this option is a real pain is it will apply brutal braking when I’m backing up.

Problem: I can disable this option in the menu as you shown but roughly 24h, the system automatically turns it back on. I don’t how if it’s truly 24h but it seems like it.

Have you experienced the same thing or do you have any tip to get it disabled permanently ?

3 months ago
Reply to  SB

I have the same vehicle and the same problem

12 days ago
Reply to  German

Does the rack cover the camera? As in is it in the view of the camera? Can you adjust the rack? If the camera is blocked anyway, what happens if you cover it with tape?

Last edited 12 days ago by PajamaGuy
7 days ago
Reply to  PajamaGuy

Same Problem, Bike Rack and I turn off this feature in settings but then (it seems random) it sometimes turns itself back on…Bike racks, Boat Trailers…there MUST be a way to disable this permanently ? Hey Ford….do you hear me??? anyone??