How to turn off adaptive headlights on Ford Explorer

Certain Ford vehicles are equipped with adaptive headlights, improving visibility when driving at night. The system detects the speed of the car, its cornering radius via steering wheel position, and actively adjusts the direction of headlights accordingly.

Ford Explorer – picture by Ford

These instructions for turning off adaptive headlights is specifically for Ford Explorer, but can also be applied to other Ford vehicles equipped with this technology.

There is an option to turn off adaptive headlights, but it will only temporarily turn it off. The Autolamps mode is turned on automatically after each startup.

1. To turn off the auto headlights, put your vehicle in park and press Settings button on the infotainment system touch screen.

2. Now select Vehicle in the menu.

3. Scroll down and select Lighting.

4. Touch the slider button next to Adaptive Headlamps to turn it off.

5. Alternatively, you can also turn adaptive headlamps off using the headlights control switch. Turn the knob to the right until the orange LED light next to the last symbol turns on.

Author: Nabeel K

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Cheryl Lantz
Cheryl Lantz
5 months ago

How do I turn off the auto high beams if there is no setting for this under vehicle