How to telescope side mirrors on Ford F-250, F-350 or F-450 (Super Duty)

You’re Ford F-350 vehicle may be equipped with convenient power scope mirrors that can easily telescope and fold with the simple touch of a button.

Ford Super Duty, fourth generation – (photo by Ford)

And that can be helpful when pulling a trailer, or when you’re parking in a tight space.

How to telescope mirrors

To telescope your mirrors, meaning you can extend them out farther from your vehicle so you can see around a trailer, be sure your vehicle is running or in accessory mode, by pressing the engine on button with your foot off of the brake pedal.

Then, press and hold the left arrow of the telescoping control, located on the driver side windowsill, to extend the mirror out.

And the right arrow to retract it back in again.

Telescopic control button on Ford F-250 – (Super Duty, 4th gen)

How to fold mirrors

To fold the mirrors, with your vehicle running or in Accessory Mode, just press and release the power fold button on the lower left corner of the mirror controls, located on the driver side door panel, and they’ll automatically fold in toward the vehicle.

To unfold them, press and release the button again.

How to reset side mirrors

If your mirrors shake or vibrate while adjusting them, or while driving, you may need to resync them.

To do that, press the power fold button to fold your mirrors in. You should hear a click, letting you know that your mirrors have been reset.

If you don’t hear the click, press the button again to fold your mirrors in, then out again.

Author: Nabeel K


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11 months ago

Mine is a 2015 F-250 Ford, how the mirrors side in and out?