How to set charging schedule on Toyota Prius Prime

The charge management system on the Prius Prime lets you set a charging schedule so that you can take advantage of off-peak electricity rates that typically cost less.

Toyota Prius Prime – (photo by Toyota)

Infotainment Settings Method

By setting a charging schedule, you also help maintain the hybrid battery by charging it prior to your departure.

  1. To set a charge schedule on your 11.6 inch HD multimedia display, access the quick menu by swiping up.
  2. From the Info icon, select Charge Schedule.
  3. From here, you can view your current charge schedule for the week and edit it as needed.
  4. Selecting “Add” let’s you set the time and days you would like to schedule charging.
  5. Then selecting Start sets the system to begin charging at a specific time.
  6. Then select Departure and the system analyzes your hybrid battery’s needs, and if given adequate time to charge, the system will fully charge the hybrid battery prior to your scheduled departure time.
  7. Selecting “Repeat” let’s you set the days of the week that you’d like this charge schedule to be active.
  8. When setting a departure time, you can also activate Climate Prep. This will activate your previous climate control settings prior to your scheduled departure to prepare the cabin for your comfort.
  9. Select Save to store your settings, and they will appear on the charging schedule.
  10. Touching Charge Now notifies the system to begin charging once it’s connected to a charger.
  11. Your charging schedule is also linked to the multi-information display and can be accessed by pressing the button on the lower dash to the left of the steering wheel.

Prius Prime Advanced (App Method)

On the Prius Prime advanced models, the system is linked to your Entune charge management app on your smartphone.

  1. When you select the charge management app for the first time, you will need to enter your four digit passcode to use it.
  2. From the charge management app, you can check the hybrid battery’s power level, your current EV range, and next scheduled departure time.
  3. The plug icon to the left of the battery indicates whether your vehicle is plugged in or not, and whether the charger is locked or unlocked in the charge port.
  4. If your vehicle is connected to a charger, you can select Charge Now to begin charging immediately and view the charging status.

How to edit schedule in app

The app also lets you edit your next scheduled departure time or charging start time.

  1. To edit your next scheduled departure time, touch the arrow next to Next Departure Time.
  2. From here, you can select set next departure time, and then choose to charge only, or charge and activate pre-climate.
  3. Using the scroll calendar, adjust the day and time of the next departure time. Then touch Set.
  4. Confirm by touching Yes and then OK to save your settings.
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