How to secure your bike: The best protection against thieves

In the meantime, several hundred bicycles are stolen every day. Securing the bike is therefore a top priority. Especially since a good bike is not cheap. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure your bike in such a way that you can leave it there without a guilty conscience. Heed the most important safety advice, at least increase the likelihood of finding your bike undamaged.

How to secure your bike

Experts advise that the theft protection of the bicycle should be estimated at around ten percent of the purchase value of the bicycle. If you have a really expensive bike that you travel a lot with, the money is well spent. That being said, the safest place for your bike is of course a closed and private space.

Securing the bike means that you use a lock to attach it to an immovable object. In the best case, this is a cemented bike stand. Attach the lock not only to a tire, but also to the bicycle frame. Otherwise you can quickly find a tire later, but the rest of the bike is missing. Tires with quick releases in particular can be detached from the bicycle frame very quickly and easily.

Therefore, when buying a bicycle safety device, make absolutely sure that the safety device is so long that you can use it to encompass a wheel and the frame. In addition, you must of course take into account that the bicycle lock must also be attached to a bicycle stand or the like.

It is never wrong to connect the second bicycle tire as well. A second safeguard discourages potential customers because the effort to steal the bike increases. On the other hand, you can fix the bike better. This will protect your bike from accidental or accidental falls.

The additional bicycle lock can certainly be a much cheaper bicycle lock, such as a simple spiral cable lock. Such a bicycle lock is in no way suitable as the sole security measure, since it is severed in a matter of seconds.

In contrast to a well-made U-lock. These are considered very safe, but are a bit unwieldy and not really light at around three kilograms. However, most padlocks are relatively easy to attach to the bike frame.

The significantly more elastic armored cable locks are now almost as secure as the padlocks. A solid armored cable often weighs around three kilograms.
With a massive folding lock, you can also secure your bike well. The folding locks have in common with the padlocks that they are very long and bulky.

If you always park your bike in a certain place, an anchor may be an alternative.

Tip: For short distances, where you leave the bike for several hours, it is worth buying a very old and simple bike. Even if this does not of course protect you from theft.

Author: Nabeel K

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