How to secure cargo on Ford F-150 with Boxlink

Your Ford F-150 may be equipped with the unique truck bed feature that offers more versatility for securing cargo and provides a universal point for mounting attachments, such as the available bed divider or stowable loading ramps.

The available BoxLink includes factory installed reinforced mounting plates located in your each corner, offering additional tie down locations plus four removable tie down cleats.

And since they’re locking, they help protect against theft while offering a little extra piece of mind knowing that your tie downs are securely locked into place. The mounting plates can be used to quickly attach the stowable loading ramps, perfect for loading and unloading items like ATVs, mowers, and more. A truck bed divider, as well as everything from standard S-hooks to any E-Track accessory for even more convenience.

Author: Nabeel K

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