How to reset low tire pressure warning on VW Tiguan

Anytime the tire-pressure on one or more tires has been adjusted on your Volkswagen Tiguan, you must recalibrate the tire pressure monitoring system which is frequently referred to as the TPMS.

2021 Volkswagen Tiguan – (photo by VW)

Note: This method is specifically for second generation of Volkswagen Tiguan, but the procedure to recalibrate TPMS is similar for other models of Volkswagen.

To reset the benchmark tire pressures used by the TPMS to the current pressure in the tires:

  1. Switch on the ignition.
  2. Press the CAR button on the infotainment system.
  3. Select Setup.
  4. Then select Tires.
  5. In the Tire Pressure Monitoring System menu, touch the SET button.
  6. A confirmation pop-up will appear. If all four wheels are set to the recommended values, select Confirm. This stores the newly entered tire pressures into the TPMS system.
TPMS menu location on VW Tiguan: CAR > Setup > Tires

Keep in mind that the new tire pressure values are stored in the system after at least 20 minutes of normal driving.

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