How to remove smoke smell: the best tips

A permanent smell of cigarettes in the apartment usually arises if the apartment is not ventilated enough. You should therefore leave one or even more windows open while you are smoking, as this will make the smell of nicotine worse. In this article you can find out what you can do if the smell has been around for a long time.

Be sure to empty the ashtray

The first thing you should do is empty the ashtray in the evening or regularly. Because this ensures that the smell can also not properly settle.

  • Be sure to tip the ashtray in the trash can in the evening or after a party. Remember that cigarettes and ashes end up in the trash.
  • Then it is best to rinse the ashtray with a damp cloth and then dry it briefly. Alternatively, let it dry on the sink overnight.
  • It is only important that you do this regularly and do not forget it, otherwise the smell will spread in the apartment.
  • By the way: rotary ashtrays hold back the smell a bit, but they are still not tight because of that. You should therefore also empty it regularly.

Home remedies for cigarette smell

If the smell has already settled, you can fight it with a home remedy. The best way to remove the smell of nicotine is with vinegar water or lemon water. That’s how it works:

  1. Take a pot of water and then boil the water.
  2. Add only a few drops of vinegar or lemon to the water and stir.
  3. After a short cooking time, remove the pot from the hob and pour the vinegar or lemon water into a bowl.
  4. Place it in the room where you smoked. If there are several rooms, divide the water into several bowls. Tip: If you have smoked a lot, such as after a party, it is best to take several bowls for one room.
  5. Caution: Always place the water on a tall cupboard or similar so that neither pets nor children have access to it. Also keep in mind that the smell of vinegar or lemon will settle briefly in your apartment.

Do not let the room get too cold

If it is too cold, we will notice the nicotine smell more strongly. For this reason, never let the room get too cold. Especially in winter you should ventilate the room, but don’t overdo it.

It is best if you ventilate vigorously once and then close the windows again. Alternatively, you can also let the heating run slightly while briefly tilting the window. Warning: Then close the door to the room, otherwise too much energy will be used.

Wash out the nicotine smell

  • The most effective tip for cigarette smell in textiles is to wash them easily. This is the best way to remove the smell.
  • You can first hang the textiles in the fresh air. You can effectively remove it with just a little cigarette smell.
  • If this is not possible, you cannot avoid washing. Use blankets, clothing and curtains to wash in the washing machine. This effectively removes the cigarette smell.
  • Remember to follow the washing instructions for your textiles. Especially curtain washing can be particularly complex. However, in order to completely remove the nicotine odor, this is essential in most cases. If you smoke regularly in your apartment, you cannot avoid this wash cycle.

Anti-nicotine paint for the walls

If you smoke especially often in your apartment, you will notice that the white wallpaper quickly turns yellow. Not only does it look ugly, it is also difficult to remove.

You can use so-called anti-nicotine color. The yellow spots caused by the smoke are removed. At the same time, this color is also problematic because not every landlord allows it. This is because this color can also cause mold to form because the wall can no longer breathe.

It is better if you choose the tedious route and repaint regularly. This is the only way to prevent the annoying residues on the wall.

Ventilation system

With a ventilation system, you can filter the nicotine smell out of the room. Especially if you move in somewhere and want to smoke regularly in the house, it can be worth buying.

However, you should not rely solely on such a system. Such a system is not enough, especially for chain smokers.

Author: Nabeel K

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