How to remote start Honda CR-V

The available remote engine start feature lets you start the vehicle before you get to it, so that the cabin is preconditioned when you get in to drive.

Honda CR-V, 5th gen – (photo by Honda)

The remote engine start system is designed to work within a range of about 100 feet if unobstructed, and somewhat less if buildings or other objects are between the remote and the vehicle.

  1. To start vehicle remotely, first press the lock button on the key fob.
  2. Within five seconds, press and hold the remote start button.
  3. The engine may take a few moments to start. When the engine starts, the vehicle will flash the turn signals six times.
  4. Once started remotely, the engine will run for 10 minutes and then shut off.
  5. You can extend the running time for another ten minutes by repeating the same procedure.
  6. To turn off the engine, press the remote start button on the key fob again. The turn signals will flash once when the engine stops.
Remote Start button location on smart key

Cabin Climate

The climate control system in the vehicle will seek to establish a temperature of 72 degrees in the cabin.

On warm days, it will use the air conditioning system in recirculation made.

On cold days, the heater and defroster will be engaged. Also, the front seat heater if equipped will start in high mode to take the chill off the seats, the indicator light will not illuminate.

While the engine is running you can approach and enter the vehicle as you normally would, with the smart entry remote in your possession.

Must press Start-Stop before driving

To begin driving, you must still depress the brake pedal and push the engine Start-Stop button.

Vehicle must be outside

To prevent dangerous carbon monoxide buildup, make sure that the vehicle is located outside in a well ventilated space.

Remote start doesn’t work when second key inside

If the second remote is in the vehicle, it can be locked with the other remote, but the remote engine start feature will not work.

Author: Nabeel K

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