How to program Memory Seats on Toyota 4Runner

So you want Toyota 4Runner to remember your favorite comfy, cozy seat position? You have come to the right place, this guide shows how you can program the driver’s memory seat.

Note: The ignition must be on and the transmission must be in Park before you start.

  1. To program your preferences. First, adjust the driver’s seat to the desired position.
  2. Then, press and hold the SET button located on the driver’s door.
  3. Press and hold button one (1) or button two (2) until you hear a confirming tone.
  4. If the number button you choose has already been preset. The previously recorded position will be overwritten.
  5. If the seat position has been changed you can return it to the preset position by pressing the same numbered memory button until you hear a confirming tone. And the seat will adjust back to your setting.

Link Memory Key to Smart Key

  1. To link your memory settings to your smart key, take only the key to which you want to link the driving position with you in the vehicle.
  2. Make sure the engine switch is turned to ignition on, the transmission is in Park and the driver’s door is closed.
  3. Press and hold program memory button one or two to recall the position. At the same time press the driver’s door lock or unlock switch until you hear a confirming tone.
  4. The next time you unlock the vehicle using that same smart access key and open the driver’s door the seat will be reset to your preferences, even if they were changed in the interim.
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