How to permanently disable head-up display on Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5 can be equipped with head-up display (Active Driving Display) which projects certain information on the windshield in the line of sight of the driver. This guide shows you how to disable this projection.

2021 Mazda CX-5 – (photo by Mazda)

You can turn off the head-up display in Mazda CX-5 by going to Settings > AD-Disp tab and then uncheck the box next to Active Driving Display. But this is only temporary, as the head-up display will automatically turn back on the next time you start the vehicle. Many Mazda owners have complained about this issue. Lets see how we can disable it permanently.

The easy way:

The simplest solution is to put a black tape on the projection screen on top of the dashboard just below the windshield where you see the projection (don’t put it on the windshield directly). You should cut out a paper to the approximate size of the projection screen, place the paper on the projection screen and then apply the black tape over it and on the sides – this way you can easily remove the tape in future without any tape glue residue on the screen.

Projection screen location on Mazda CX-5

Note: Only use black or dark gray colored tape. If you use light colored tape, you will see its reflection on the windshield in daylight – obstructing driver’s view.

Note: If you’re unsure where the projection screen is located. Then just turn on the vehicle and head-up display, and place your hand between the dashboard and the projection. You should then see the projection on your hand. Move your hand to the source of the light/projection.

The hard way:

You can also disable the projection screen by disconnecting its plug inside the dashboard. But this requires removal of dashboard panels around the steering wheel in order to gain access to the connector, and is therefore not recommended.


This article was written in response to a question posted by a user:

I’m not sure if this is the kind of question you deal with, but I am wondering if you know how to permanently turn off the active driving display in a 2021 Mazda CX5. Currently I am able to turn off the display, but when I restart the car, the display is back—however when I go thru the menus to that option, the checkmark box is unchecked. I have to check it then uncheck and the display goes off. I hope that makes sense.

I asked the service department where I bought the car and they said it is a safety feature and it will always re-appear when you restart the car. This seems wrong to me as the checkmark box is unchecked when I go back to that screen. And on older models you could uncheck the box and it would remain off until you manually checked the box again.

Do you have any insight? Thanks so much for any thoughts!

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