How to permanently disable Auto Start-Stop on VW Tiguan

The auto start/stop system is a standard feature on Volkswagen Tiguan which is designed to help save fuel by turning the engine off when you come to a stop. The engine restarts as you release the brake pedal so that it can be ready to go as you press down on the accelerator. This guide shows you how to permanently disable this feature.

2021 Volkswagen Tiguan, second generation facelift – (photo by VW)

You can deactivate this feature by pressing the auto start/stop button located on the center console, next to the shifter. But this deactivation is temporary as the system will automatically reactivate on next engine startup.

There are times when the engine will not shut off at a stop:

  • If you have the defrost defog function turned on.
  • If the climate control system needs to work to reach your desired temperature.
  • If the engine hasn’t reached operating temperature.
  • If the battery voltage is low.
  • If the shifter is in sport mode.

Method 1: Disconnect voltage sensor

You can permanently disable the auto start/stop system on VW Tiguan or any other Volkswagen vehicle by removing the battery voltage sensor connector from the negative terminal of the battery.

Battery voltage sensor plug for Auto Start/Stop system on 2021 VW Tiguan (second generation facelift)

After removing the sensor, you may see auto start/stop disabled warning message on instrument cluster display.

Method 2: Change voltage limit in VCDS

If you don’t want to disconnect the battery voltage sensor, then the second method is to code it disabled. But you will need VCDS scanner and its application installed on your PC. The method shown is for VCDS 19.6.2 version.

  1. Connect the VCDS scanner.
  2. On the VCDS application on PC, click on “Auto-Scan“.
  3. Click “Gateway Installation List
  4. On the VCDS application, go to “19-CAN Gateway” and then “Adaptation – 10“.
  5. Find “IDE08348-Start/stop start voltage limit” in the list. You can use the search feature for quick access.
  6. Enter 12.1 under “New value” which is the maximum value the system accepts.
  7. Click “Do It!” and then “Yes” on confirmation pop-up.

The auto start/stop system will be bypassed, but you will see a warning indictor on the instrument cluster.

Author: Nabeel K

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2 years ago

Is the warning on the cluster permanent?

2 years ago
Reply to  Joe

Yes, Auto Stop/Stop warning will remain on the instrument cluster, but its not permanent. Just plug the battery sensor wire back in and the warning will go away – but it will also re-enable the auto start/stop ๐Ÿ™‚

1 year ago

Will disconnecting the voltage sensor work on a 2018 Tiguan?

1 year ago

i would like to disable the auto start-stop function on 2018 vw tiguan if disabled according to directions does it affect any other functions on the car