How to open rear window using smart key on Toyota 4Runner

The 4Runner Limited is available with a smart key. With smart key, there are three different ways to unlock and lock the 4Runner.

Toyota 4Runner – Fifth Generation N280 – (photo by Toyota)

Smart Key Features

First, you can use the smart key fob, like a remote keyless entry system. Press the lock button to lock the doors or press the unlock button to unlock the doors. When you press the unlock button once, you’ll hear two beeps. The parking lights and the taillights flash, the puddle lamps on the bottom of the mirrors are illuminated, the inside courtesy lights come on and stay on for about 15 seconds, and the driver’s door is unlocked. If you press the unlock button twice within three seconds, it unlocks all four doors.

If you’ve unlocked the vehicle, but haven’t opened a door, after approximately 60 seconds, the 4Runner automatically relocks all of the doors. Pressing and holding the panic button sounds the horn and flashes the lights to draw attention in emergency situations.

The second way to lock and unlock the 4Runner is by using the smart key technology. If the vehicle is locked, when you’re within about three feet of the driver’s door, the 4Runner senses the smart key and turns on the courtesy lights and the puddles lamps on the bottom of the mirrors. Then when you touch the inside of the driver’s door handle or the front passenger’s door handle, that door will automatically unlock.

You can also personalize the smart key to unlock all doors. To change the setting, turn the start stop button off, then press and hold the unlock and panic buttons for approximately five seconds while also pressing the lock button on the smart key fob. Once the vehicle accepts this change, you’ll hear a beep and chime sound inside the vehicle. The settings change each time this operation is performed, so to switch back to driver’s door only unlocking mode simply repeat the procedure.

The smart key will also unlock the rear hatch when you touch the inside part of the rear door handle, as long as the smart key is in your possession.

To lock the vehicle using the smart key, make sure you have the smart key with you then touch the indentation on the top or bottom of the driver’s door handle or the passenger’s front door handle to lock all of the doors.

The third way to lock and unlock the 4Runner uses the mechanical key. The smart key fob includes a mechanical key hidden inside. To access that key, press the release on the side then slide the key out. Then, use the key in the driver’s door as you would any other key.

Opening or Closing Rear Window

On limited models, there’s also lock and unlock buttons on the rear hatch. The rear hatch window can be controlled from outside the vehicle using the smart key.

  1. Press on the lock button for approximately one second and the window will close.
  2. Press the unlock button for approximately one second to open the window.
Author: Nabeel K

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