How to open fuel door on Ford F-150 and refuel

This simple guide will show you how to open fuel door on Ford F-150, and also how to properly refuel your pickup truck.

Ford F-150, 13th gen – (photo by Ford)

Ford F-150 does not have any button in the interior to open the fuel door, it can only be opened from the outside.

How to open fuel door

  1. Turn off the engine and unlock your vehicle.
  2. To open the fuel filler door, press the center rear edge of the fuel filler door and then release.
  3. Pull the rear of the fuel filler door to open it.
Fuel filler door opening instructions for Ford F-150

How to refuel

  1. Switch off the engine.
  2. Shift into park (P) or neutral (N).
  3. Apply the parking brake.
  4. Fully open the fuel filler door.
  5. Insert the fuel pump nozzle up to the first notch on the nozzle A. Keep the fuel pump nozzle resting on the fuel tank filler pipe.
  6. Hold the fuel pump nozzle in position B when refueling. Holding the fuel pump nozzle in position A can affect the flow of fuel and shut off the fuel pump nozzle before the fuel tank is full.
  7. After refueling, remove the fuel pump nozzle from the fuel filler pipe.
  8. Fully close the fuel filler door.
Nozzle position diagram – (illustration by Ford)
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