How to open / close tailgate on BMW X5

The tailgate of BMW X5 can be opened easily from both inside and outside the vehicle using the controls on the vehicle, the key fob, as well as handsfree.

BMW X5 Fourth Generation (G05; 2019+) – (photo by BMW)

The tailgate on X5 can also be closed from inside of the vehicle using a switch located on the driver’s side door.

Via button on tailgate

To open the top tailgate from outside the X5, press the button located on the exterior of the tailgate just under the handle. The tailgate will pivot back and open. You can increase cargo access by pulling the lever and swinging down the lower tailgate, newer X5 models have powered lower tailgate which can be opened or closed with a button on top of it.

Once you finish loading your items into the cargo area, swing up the lower tailgate and press it to close in older models. Then press the close button located at the bottom end of the tailgate to close it – powered lower tailgate closes automatically in newer models.

Tailgate close button on BMW X5 – (photo by BMW)

Video Demonstration

Watch this short clip by BMW of Gainesville to see how to operate the tailgate with the buttons.

Via key fob

You can also open the tailgate using the key fob. To do so press and hold the tailgate open button on the key fob for approximately one second. The tailgate opens automatically, allowing you access to the cargo area.

Hands-free with foot movement

Fourth generation (G05, 2019+) models are equipped with sensors under the rear bumper which enables you to open the tailgate hands-free with foot movement, making it easier to operate with full hands. One of the vehicle’s remote control keys must be within range, i.e. approx. 3 feet behind the vehicle.

To open the tailgate hands-free, make a slow kick moving forward under the rear bumper. Then take a step back. Do not touch the bumper. The indicators will flash four times and both the upper and lower tailgate will open.

To close the tailgate, make slow kick movement under the rear-bumper again, both upper and lower tailgate will close automatically.

From inside the vehicle

From inside the vehicle, you can open the tailgate by pushing the button located on the driver’s door panel.

Adjusting tailgate height

If there is need, you can adjust the height of the tailgate opening. There are five height settings for the tailgate opening.

  1. Select CAR in the main menu of your infotainment system.
  2. Then go to Settings.
  3. Then select Doors/Vehicle Access.
  4. Then touch Tailgate.
  5. Select your desired opening height by using the controller, or the touchscreen.
Author: Nabeel K


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