How to kick open Toyota RAV4 tailgate hands-free

RAV4’s available hands-free power rear liftgate offers a great way to access the cargo area when your hands are full.

Toyota RAV4 Fifth Generation XA50 – (photo by Toyota)

To open the liftgate hands-free, first make sure the vehicle is off and that you have your Smart Key with you. Then simply stand directly behind the center of the vehicle and kick your foot straight forward under the bumper, using one fluid motion, without touching the bumper.

It’s important to kick directly toward the vehicle and not at an angle. Additionally, don’t hold your foot under the bumper, as that actually may prevent the sensor from activating. A quick kick in and out is all it takes. Just bear in mind the liftgate may take a moment to begin opening.

A: Kick sensor. B: Hands Free Power Back Door operation detection area – (photo by Toyota)

Note: If a foot is moved under the rear bumper while the back door is opening/closing, the back door will stop moving. If a foot is moved under the rear bumper again during the halted operation, the back door will perform the reverse operation.

You can also close the tailgate with foot movement: simply by doing another kick motion under the rear bumper

Finally, please note that if you have a tow hitch installed, it will interfere with the kick sensor functionality, and we recommend turning the sensor off in that case.

Author: Nabeel K


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