How to give voice commands on BMW X5

In vehicles equipped with BMW Operating System 7.0 you can interact with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant button on steering wheel – (photo by BMW)

The Personal Assistant can be initiated in various ways. Just say “Hello BMW” or your personalized activation word.

You do not need to wait for a response from the Personal Assistant, simply continue with your command: “Hello BMW, activate seat heating.” When pressing the button on the steering wheel to activate the Personal Assistant, please wait for the acoustic signal before you start talking.

The language menu is accessible when pressing the microphone symbol in the top right corner of the Control Display. In this menu you can check the “Speaking during voice output” box to be able to interrupt the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

If you would like to cancel the dialogue with your Personal Assistant, just press the button on the steering wheel, the “Home” button or the iDrive controller. You can also say: “Cancel”.

Please keep in mind that a dialogue with the Personal Assistant is active whenever you see the corresponding animation in the Control Display.

Author: Nabeel K

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