How to fold back seats on VW Tiguan

With the second and third row seats folded, Volkswagen Tiguan provides you with an immense cargo area, making it a perfect partner when antiquing or finding that perfect piece of furniture for your home.

2021 Volkswagen Tiguan seats folded down – (photo by VW)

Folding second row seats

To fold the second row seats, push the headrest down, slide the seat back as far as it will go. Then using the loop, release the seat back and fold it forward until it locks into place.

Folding 2nd row seats from the back

If your Tiguan doesn’t have a third row seat, or if the third row seat is already folded, you can easily fold the second row seat from the luggage compartment, just pull the release levers and the seat backs are released. Then fold the seat forward until it locks into place.

Release lever in the cargo area for second row seats on 2021 VW Tiguan

Folding 3rd row seats

Push the headrests on the third row seats down. slip the safety belt into the clip at both sides. Pull the release lever at the top of both seats to unlock the backrest and fold the backrest forward.

The cargo capacity of Tiguan is rated at 33 cubic feet when second and third row seats are folded down.

Author: Nabeel K

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1 year ago

How do I get the back seats back up in the Tiguan R series 2020 model?