How to fold 2nd and 3rd row seats on Ford Transit Connect

The second and third row seats in your Transit Connect wagon can be folded down when you need extra space for transporting cargo.

Ford Transit Connect, second generation – (photo by Ford)

Fold Second Row Seats

To fold the second row seats, first push down the head restraints. Now, find the strap located on the side of the seat back closest to the door. And pull it to fold the seat back down.

You’ll notice that you have two straps on the seat back, a long one and a short one. I’ll tell you about the shorter one later. So, for now, find the longer strap and pull up to unlock it. Now, move the entire seat forward and down.

Fold Third Row Seats

To fold the third row seats, find the strap on the seat cushion located in the seat-bite. Pull it and flip the cushions so that the seat bottom is face down.

Next, locate the red strap in the seat back. It looks like it’s tucked into a small pocket in the lower corner of the seat back. Pull it, and fold the seat back down.

What is short strap for?

Okay, now I’ll quickly discuss the short strap mentioned earlier. To fold the second row seats from the third row, pull the short strap, and the seat back will fold down forward. Next, pull the longer strap to unlock the seat. Now, push the seat forward and down.

Making floor flat

Your vehicle also has folding floor support panels that makes stowing cargo easier. With the second and third row seats folded down, grab hold of the panels and pull to disconnect them.

You may need to give them a little tug to disengage them from their magnetic fasteners. Then unfold.

Tips for unfolding 3rd row seats

Here are a few helpful tips for unfolding the third row seats. You may need to do the next two steps from the rear of the vehicle.

  • First, retract the floor panels by pulling up on the attached strap.
  • Next, grab the third row seat back strap located behind the head restraint and lift it to its locked position.
  • Now, go back to the rear side of the door and use the strap on the front of the seat cushion to flip it back to its original position.
  • And here’s something you’ll appreciate. You can also move the third row seats forward and back and recline them. Just lift the metal bar under the seat cushion and slide the seat forward or back.
  • And pull the same strap you used to fold the seat back down to recline them. Only now, just lean back to recline.
  • To unfold the second row seats, pull the longer strap on the seat back up. When you feel it unlock from the floor, move the entire seat back and push down until you feel it lock into position again. And until you hear it click. Finally, pull up on the short strap and flip the seat back up.

Video Demonstration

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