How to find charging stations on Ford Mustang Mach-E

Ford Mustang Mach-E is equipped with SYNC 4A with enhanced voice recognition and connected built-in navigation. The latest technology to help make your travels a bit easier.

Mustang Mach-E GT – (photo by Ford)

The updated navigation system is cloud connected, which allows for up-to-date traffic and road conditions, as well as current charging station information.

All the relevant information you need is at your fingertips on the 15.5-inch portrait-style LCD touchscreen. Plus, improved conversational voice recognition allows for smarter searches.

You can ask for directions or search for points of interest (POI), like, “Find Italian restaurants on my route.” You can add your home and work addresses and then say, “Navigate to work.”

Finding charging stations

Press the voice command button on the right side of the steering wheel and say, “Find the nearest charging station.” The SYNC 4A system will locate compatible public charging stations, including DC fast chargers.

The FordPass Power My Trip feature takes it a step further. Available with your SYNC 4A system and on the FordPass smartphone app, it helps you plan your route and locates charging stations along the way. It also delivers the latest charging station information, when available, including cost, power level, ratings from other customers, and real-time availability of charging stations.

You can also save your trips in the FordPass app or through your SYNC 4A system for future use.


Author: Nabeel K