How to enable Traction Control on Toyota FJ Cruiser

The active traction control system automatically helps prevent the spinning of all four wheels when the vehicle is starting or accelerating on slippery surfaces.

Toyota FJ Cruiser – (photo by Toyota)

Traction control is a vehicle assistance system. This software ensures that the wheels do not spin when moving off. This situation usually occurs when the friction between the tire and the surface is too low. The risk exists, for example, on a wet road, in snow and slippery conditions, but also on cobblestone streets. In all of these cases, the traction control provides more grip.

  1. To activate the system push the active traction control switch A-TRAC and shift the four-wheel drive control lever into L4 on part-time four-wheel drive models or LL on full-time four-wheel drive models.
  2. The active traction control system indicator light will come on.
  3. To cancel operation push the active traction control switch again.
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