How to enable Sport Mode on Ford F-150

Sport mode on Ford-150 pickup truck is designed to offer maximum performance when doing aggressive off-roading. If your vehicle is equipped with this feature, it can be turned on with a few simple steps.

Ford F-150, 13th Generation 2015-2020 – (photo by Ford)

Note: F-150 does not currently support permanently turning on sport mode or any other mode. Whenever you switch off your engine, the system defaults to ‘Normal’ mode.

Step 1: Press Drive Mode button

F-150 with column shifter

If your truck is equipped with a column shifter, then press the button at the end of the stick to bring up Drive Mode menu on the instrument cluster screen.

Column shifter method

F-150 with console shifter

If your truck is equipped with a console shifter, then press the DM button located at the left side of the shifter to bring up Drive Mode menu on the instrument cluster screen.

Console shifter method

Step 2: Select Sport Mode

If you followed step 1 correctly, it will bring up the Drive Mode selection menu on your instrument cluster screen. By default the Normal mode is selected.

Now scroll through the modes until you reach S symbol, and then press OK button on your steering wheel to activate the Sport Mode.

You can control your selection using the arrow buttons on your steering wheel.

Steering wheel arrow keys

After you have confirmed your selection, an S icon will appear at the bottom of the instrument cluster screen indicating that the driving mode has been successfully activated.

Note: If the selection automatically goes back to ‘Normal’ mode after you have activated the Sport mode, then it means there is a system malfunction and it needs to be checked at a workshop.

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Off-road tips

Since Ford F-150 Sport Mode is designed to boost off-road performance, why not read a few offroading tips before you go off-road? Even if a good off-road vehicle overcomes most of the difficulties on its own, miracles are not to be expected. Those who blindly rely on technology will sooner or later be completely abandoned. Therefore, we try some tips here that may be helpful for beginners.

The tilt angle

We don’t really need to remember that. For one thing, it usually gets uncomfortable in the car long before the tipping angle is reached. On the other hand, the rule is: never drive along the slope!

Angle of approach and departure

There are two, front and back. Measurements are taken from the front of the tire to the lower, outer edge of the bumper. So the longer the stem or the overhang of your car, the flatter these angles will be. You decide how to approach an embankment. The flatter the angles on your car, the more careful you will have to be. This will prevent the bumper from boring into the objects when driving up.

The water passage height

It is usually specified in the manufacturer’s operating instructions. Surely almost every off-road vehicle can drive through knee-deep water without being damaged. But the same applies here: drive carefully and slowly, check the surface beforehand.

The climbing ability

Is a thing that you can often find in brochures. In practice, however, this theoretical ability does not seem meaningful to us. Rather, the decisive factors are the condition of the surface, the air pressure of the tires, the engine power of the car and especially the experience of the driver. By the way, you should obey the laws of physics, especially when it is going down a steep slope.

The ground clearance

Is perhaps the most important thing in off-roading. It decides whether you can drive on a rutted path, overcome a crest or whether you should rather pick up the shovel beforehand.

Author: Nabeel K

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