How to enable Sport Mode on Chevy Tahoe

The Sport mode on Chevrolet Tahoe can be activated where road conditions or personal preference demand a more controlled response.

Chevy Tahoe Fifth Generation – (photo by Chevrolet)

When you enter Sport mode, you will immediately feel a down shift. In this mode, the vehicle also monitors driving behaviors and automatically enables Performance Shift Features when spirited driving is detected. These features maintain lower transmission gears to increase available engine braking and improve acceleration response. The vehicle will exit these features and return to normal operation after a short period when no spirited driving is detected.

The steering will change to provide more precise control. If the vehicle has Magnetic Ride Control, the suspension will change to provide better cornering performance.

Enable Sport Mode in Tahoe

Sport mode on Chevy Tahoe can be activated by turning the Driver Mode Control (DMC) rotary knob on the instrument panel to the left of the steering wheel.

Driver Mode Control (DMC) knob location on fifth generation of Chevy Tahoe

Rotate the DMC knob until Sport is highlighted under Drive Mode in the instrument cluster display.

Drive Mode selection menu in 5th gen Chevy Tahoe

After a brief moment a green flag symbol will illuminate at the bottom of the instrument cluster screen, indicating that the Sport mode has been successfully activated on your Chevy Tahoe.

Sport mode activation confirmation in instrument cluster

The Sport mode on Tahoe will automatically deactivate and the vehicle will return to normal operation on next engine start-up.

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