How to enable Solar Powered Ventilation System on Toyota Prius

If your Prius is equipped with the available solar ventilation system you can set it to blow outside air through the interior, should you leave it parked in direct sun.

Toyota Prius, 3rd gen – (photo by Toyota)

Note: This guide is specific to third generation of Prius XW30 built between years 2009 and 2015, but it might work on other models as well.

  1. To turn it on first make sure the vehicle power is on.
  2. Then press the solar ventilation button on the left side of the instrument panel.
  3. About 10 minutes after you turn the vehicle off, the system may start using solar energy to help ventilate your Prius.
  4. Ambient air temperatures have an effect on the system, it will not operate if it is cool outside.
  5. The system stays on and will be ready to operate until you press the button again to turn it off.
Author: Nabeel K

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