How to enable neutral tow on Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition comes with an option to put your transmission in neutral gear, so that you can tow your vehicle without damaging the gearbox.

These instructions are specifically for enabling flat tow or recreational tow for Ford Expedition SUV, but this method may also work with a number of other Ford vehicles.

1. Start the engine by pressing brake pedal and then press the start button.

2. Select 2H on the four wheel drive controller.

3. Now we have to enable stay in neutral mode. To do that, first put your gear in neutral by rotating the transmission knob until LED light with N symbol turns on.

4. You should see a message in your instrument cluster screen, asking you to select M to confirm stay in neutral mode.

5. On the transmission knob, press the M button, known as the manual button.

6. You should see an alert on the instrument cluster screen with message; “Stay in Neutral Mode Engaged.”

7. Now, press the push start button to turn the engine off. You will see “Transmission Not in Park” alert on the screen.

8. Now turn on the vehicle without starting the engine, by pressing the push start button without pressing the brake pedal. After the information screen turns on, press and hold the brake pedal.

9. While holding the brake pedal, select Settings menu on the instrument cluster screen. Then select Advanced Settings.

10. Then select Vehicle.

11. Scroll down and select Neutral Tow.

12. It will ask you to “Hold OK to Initialize Neutral Tow.”

13. Now press and hold the okay button until you see a popup message stating, “Neutral Tow Enabled, Leave Transmission in Neutral.”

14. For the final step, take your foot off the brake pedal and push the start/stop button to turn off the vehicle.

Note: You should see this alert message, “Neutral Tow Enabled Leave Transmission in Neutral” whenever you open or close driver’s door.

To stop towing: Press the brake pedal and then press the start button to turn on the engine. Take your foot off the brake pedal and press the start button to turn off the engine. Now turn on the vehicle by pressing the start butting without turning on the engine (foot off brake pedal). Finally, press the brake pedal and rotate your transmission knob to put your vehicle out of neutral. You should get “Neutral Tow disabled” alert message on the instrument cluster screen.

Author: Nabeel K

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