How to enable Auto LSD on Toyota Tundra

The automatic limited slip differential or Auto LSD system, enhances traction by using the traction control system to control engine performance and breaking, when one of the rear wheels begins to spin.

Toyota Tundra Second Generation XK50 – (photo by Toyota)

This system should be used only when wheel spinning occurs in a ditch or on a rough surface.

  1. To turn on the system, press the VSC off switch with the vehicle speed under 31 miles an hour.
  2. In four wheel drive models, the driving mode must be set to two wheel drive (2WD). The Auto LSD system does not operate in four wheel drive (4H or 4L).
  3. The Auto LSD and slip indicator lights will come on when the system is engaged.
  4. To operate the Auto LSD with vehicle stability control disabled, press and hold the VSC OFF switch. The Auto LSD, slip indicator and VSC off lights will come on to indicate the status of the system.
  5. You can turn the traction control and vehicle stability control systems on again at anytime by pressing the VSC OFF switch.
Author: Nabeel K


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