How to enable Auto LSD on Toyota 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner Auto LSD, Limited Slip Differential comes in handy when you need to keep moving forward in the sloppy, muddy crud or slushy, icy mush, and you need traction.

Toyota 4Runner fifth generation N280 from 2009 – (photo by Toyota)

The Auto LSD feature works on the rear differential when you’re in two wheel drive mode.

  1. To enable Auto LSD, press the VSC off button once.
  2. You will see a light that displays Auto LSD and an icon of a car with two wavy lines. This indicates that traction control has been turned off and Auto LSD has been engaged.
  3. If the rear wheels spin, the indicator flashes to let you know that Auto LSD is controlling the spinning rear wheels.
  4. This is a great feature to use when you need a bit of extra traction and you don’t want to shift into four wheel drive mode.
  5. To turn it off, press the same VSC off button and hold it down for three seconds to deactivate the Limited Slip Differential mode.

What is a differential lock?

A differential lock is able to compensate for the speed difference when cornering. If the surface of the road is different, the effect can occur that one wheel spins on a dirty surface and another does not. When the surface is muddy, the differential ensures that both wheels are driven on the axle when the locking effect is 100 percent. With very sporty cars, there is often a different orientation in a range of 40 to 80 percent. If one wheel spins now, the power can be transferred to the other wheel. This is very useful especially when cornering very quickly or in winter.

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