How to do burnout on Ford Mustang using Line Lock

Your Mustang has a feature that allows you to do a burn out to heat up your tires for an improved track experience. It’s called Line Lock and it’s part of the Track Apps feature.

When turned on, the front brakes are locked so the rear wheels can spin freely. This is helpful when doing a burnout to heat up the tires for better traction.

Activating burnout mode

To use Line Lock feature, using the five-way switch scroll down to Track Apps. And select Line Lock from the menu. To engage, firmly press and hold the brakes, press OK on the steering wheel, remove your foot from the brake pedal, and hit the accelerator.

If you’re unable to select Line Lock, check to be sure you’re driving under 25 miles an hour, the vehicle is on a level surface, and you’re not in another driving mode.

A 15 second countdown timer will show the remaining time left before Line Lock shuts off. You can always manually cancel it by pressing the OK button again.

Author: Nabeel K

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