How to disable rear power windows in Kia Sportage

This article will guide you through the simple process of disabling the rear power windows in a Kia Sportage. This feature can be particularly useful in situations where you want to control access to the rear windows, especially when passengers, particularly children, are on board.

By following a few straightforward steps, you can easily ensure that the rear power windows are temporarily deactivated. Let’s dive into the process!

Step 1: Locate the Window Lock Button

The first step is to locate the window lock button on the driver’s side door panel.

This button is typically marked with a crossed window icon and is designed to control the activation of all the power windows in the vehicle.

Step 2: Push the Window Lock Button

Once you’ve identified the window lock button, push it into the ‘lock’ position.

This action will effectively disable the rear power windows, preventing anyone in the rear seats from operating them.

Step 3: Test the Disabled Windows

To confirm that the rear power windows are now disabled, attempt to operate them using the rear window switches.

You’ll notice that there is no response, indicating that the rear passengers are unable to control the windows.

Additional Information:

It’s important to note that when the power window lock button is pressed into the ‘lock’ position, the driver’s master control retains the ability to operate all the power windows, including the rear ones.

Additionally, the front passenger’s control can still operate its respective power window. This ensures that the driver maintains control over the vehicle’s windows while restricting access to the rear windows for other occupants.


Disabling the rear power windows in your Kia Sportage is a straightforward process that can enhance safety and convenience, particularly when there are passengers in the rear seats.

By following these simple steps, you can easily control access to the rear windows, providing peace of mind and a safer driving experience for you and your passengers.

Video Demonstration

Watch this video to see how to disable or lock rear power windows in Kia Sportage.
Author: Nabeel K

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