How to disable Auto Start-Stop on BMW X3

All BMW X3 models are equipped with Auto Start-Stop feature as standard, which is designed to reduce CO2 emissions and improve fuel economy.

BMW X3, third generation G01 – (photo by BMW)

The idea behind the start-stop system is simple: if the vehicle’s engine is switched off during short waiting times, for example at a traffic light, fuel consumption and emissions decrease.

The automatic start-stop system helps save fuel and protect the climate. The technology can reduce CO2 emissions by 3 – 8%. The benefits for the environment and the improved economy ensure that the automatic start-stop system will spread rapidly across all vehicle classes. In view of the more stringent EU regulations on pollutant emissions from motor vehicles, car manufacturers are starting to implement intelligent start-stop systems in their fleets.

Disable Auto Start-Stop in BMW X3

The Auto Start-Stop feature can be easily disabled by pressing the button on the X3 dashboard on the right side of the steering wheel, just below the push start button.

Auto start-stop button location on BMW X3

Once you deactivate the feature, it will remain disabled until you turn off the engine and will be reenabled on next startup.


Why can’t I find Auto Start-Stop button on my BMW X3?

BMW has stopped equipping 2020 and onward models of X3 with Auto Start-Stop disable button, but there is a workaround to it. The Auto Start-Stop feature is disabled when you enable Sport Mode. Note that your vehicle’s fuel consumption will increase when driving in Sport Mode.

Can I permanently disable auto start-stop?

There is no option to permanently disable this feature in your BMW X3. But you can code for the Auto Start-Stop to have memory using Carly or Bimmercode – which means if you turn it off, it remembers you turned it off, so you don’t have to press it every time you start the car.

How Auto Start-Stop works

The start-stop system registers when the car is stationary and uses sensors to determine a number of other factors relating to the vehicle’s operating condition. If the driver stops at a red light and puts it into neutral, the start-stop system switches off the engine.

In some newer models, the motor even switches off when the speed drops below a certain value. Although the engine, and thus the primary energy source for all systems, is switched off, all connected electrical consumers and assistants are still supplied with power. The vehicle battery takes care of that. As soon as the accelerator is pressed again, the automatic start-stop system starts the engine again.

In vehicles with automatic or dual clutch transmission, the start-stop system only reacts to the actuation of the brake. If the vehicle is braked to a standstill and the driver’s foot remains on the brake, the automatic start-stop system switches off the engine. When the brake is released, the automatic system starts the motor again.

Author: Nabeel K

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Super Fast Driver
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You can turn off permanently check it out!

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