How to defog windshield on Hyundai Tucson

Defogging your windshield is simple on Hyundai Tucson.

Hyundai Tucson climate control buttons

Start by turning the fan to the highest setting and then increase the temperature to the warmest setting.

Press the front windshield Defrost button and then press the Fresh Air intake button if it not on already.

If you have the automatic climate control system, to get to Fresh Air mode, press the Recirculated Air button until the LED turns off.

Your windshield should be defogged in no time.

Note: On vehicles with Automatic Climate Control, the auto defog system may redirect air flow to the windshield if fogging is detected. The auto defog indicator will illuminate.

Tips: Keeping the interior surface of your windshield clean will help prevent it from fogging. Using a clean cloth and glass cleaner works well. For best results, it also helps to replace the cabin air filter in your car at least once a year.

Author: Nabeel K

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