How to customize Driver Attention Monitor on Honda Accord

The driver attention monitor is designed to help detect when a driver may be exhibiting diminished attention to the road, and alert the driver to take a break from driving.

Honda Accord, tenth generation – (photo by Honda)

What is Driver Attention Monitor?

It works by keeping track of the drivers steering input to detect patterns that indicate lack of attention. The system is on by default, and you can check its status by selecting the Driver Attention monitor display in the driver information interface (instrument cluster).

The display shows four bars for the highest degree of attention, three bars are acceptable to the system as well. When the system moves to two bars, a message appears indicating that the driver’s attention level is low. And if the display moves to one bar, the system issues visual and audible alerts and will trigger a strong tactile vibration through the steering wheel.

Customize Driver Attention Monitor

You can customize the operation of the system in a few simple steps.

  1. Press the CLOCK MENU or HOME button on center display depending on the model.
  2. Then select Settings.
  3. Select Vehicle.
  4. Then select Driver Assist System Setup.
  5. Finally, go to Driver Attention Monitor.
  6. Then you can choose among Tactile and Audible Alert or Tactile Alert or Off to disable those alerts. You’ll still be alerted visually by the display even if its off.
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