How to connect Bluetooth on Toyota Supra

This guide will walk you through pairing a Bluetooth device to the Toyota GR Supra. By pairing a mobile device like an iPhone or Android phone, you can access many useful in-car features, like hands-free phone calling and wireless music streaming.

Toyota Supra Fifth Generation (J29/DB) – (photo by Toyota)

A paired Bluetooth device is also needed for many key multi-media features, like Apple CarPlay, and Siri Eyes Free for iOS devices, and Google voice controls for Android devices.

  1. To get started, first make sure your Bluetooth connection is active on your device. Depending on device, you may also need to make sure it is discoverable or visible to other searching devices.
  2. Now, using the Toyota Supra command controller, to control your audio multi-media system, select Communication from the main menu. The Communication menu can also be quickly selected through the COM button near the Supra command controller.
  3. Now, select Manage mobile devices, and then Connect new device.
  4. Finally, choose the main function for the device, for instance, Telephone.
  5. The Supra audio multi-media system will now begin searching for your mobile device and will present an identifying name for itself. When you see that name on your device’s Bluetooth menu, go ahead and select it.
  6. This will initiate a passkey handshake between the Supra and your device. Now compare the passkey on both your device and the Supra audio multi-media display. Assuming they match, go ahead and select OK on the display, as well as accept any prompts that appear on the mobile device.
  7. The two units are now sync’d and designed to reconnect to each other every time you get in the vehicle.

Sharing Contacts & Notifications

You may now want to ensure that you’re getting full functionality out of your Bluetooth connection. For instance, sharing contacts and allowing notifications. You will be automatically prompted to authorize these features upon pairing, so be sure to pay attention to any pop up notifications that appear. However, you can always adjust these settings afterward by selecting the Supra connection in your device’s Bluetooth settings menu.

Pairing Multiple Phones

Now that you’ve got your device paired, there’s one more great feature to go over. Select Supra models feature enhanced Bluetooth which allows for multiple devices to be paired, meaning that both driver and passenger can stay connected simultaneously.

  1. To add another device, simply go back into the Manage mobile devices menu and then select Connect new device.
  2. The system will notify you that it needs to temporarily deactivate any existing connections, so go ahead and select OK to begin.
  3. Now just pair the new device as explained earlier. And once that’s completed, you’ll see both devices listed.
  4. If you have multiple devices set with the same function, say Bluetooth audio, you can select and toggle which one will serve as the primary device for that function. To do this, just select the device, and then add or remove check marks by the functions as needed. And that’s it.
Author: Nabeel K

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