How to connect Bluetooth on Toyota FJ Cruiser

1. To pair a compatible phone using voice commands, turn on your phone’s Bluetooth feature and navigate to the Bluetooth pairing or connection page on your phone.

Toyota FJ Cruiser – (photo by Toyota)

2. Push the talk switch on the steering wheel. If no phones have been paired, you’ll hear an introduction to the hands-free phone system.

3. Press the talk button on the steering wheel. Wait for the beep and say “pair phone”.

4. You must always wait for the beep before speaking the next command. Push the talk switch and say a name for the phone.

5. Push the switch and say a name for the phone: for example, Mike’s Blackberry.

6. Push the talk button and say “confirm”. Otherwise, say go back.

7. When the system asks you to confirm the name, push the talk button and say “confirm”.

8. The system will say: “To use the internal Bluetooth audio player feature of the phone, say internal audio. Otherwise, say phone only”. If your phone contains a streaming Bluetooth audio feature, you can choose to pair that as well. For this demonstration, we’ll only pair the phone.

9. Push the talk button, wait for the beep, and say “phone only”.

10. When the system asks you to confirm, push the button and say “confirm” after the beep.

11. The system will provide a passkey and then repeat the word searching until you input the passkey into your phone and the audio system finds your device.

12. The audio system will tell you when the phone is paired. “The phone is paired.”

13. If you’re finished pairing phones, cancel out of the setup process by pushing the talk button and saying “cancel”.

Once paired, the Bluetooth icon and the signal strength indicator for your phone will appear on the screen. You can now place and receive phone calls hands-free by pushing the off hook button on the steering wheel.

How to dial a number: To dial a number, press the off hook button. Wait for the beep and say “dial by number” and follow the directions.

Once you become familiar with the voice commands, you can speed up the process by pushing the talk switch twice before speaking your voice commands. You must still wait for the beep.

Author: Nabeel K

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