How to connect Bluetooth on Toyota Camry

Before you can use your vehicle’s hand-free capability, you will have to pair your compatible phone. It’s really easy and takes just a couple of minutes.

Toyota Camry XV50, 2011–2019 – (photo by Toyota)

This guide will show you how to connect Bluetooth on Toyota Camry XV50 made between 2011 to 2019.

  1. Start by turning on Bluetooth on your phone.
  2. Next, press the Home button on your head unit, which is located next to the touchscreen.
  3. Press the Setup icon on the touchscreen.
  4. Then touch Bluetooth.
  5. Touch Add.
  6. Touch either Scan or Make This System Discoverable on your phone.
  7. If you touch Scan for Bluetooth Devices, a list of discovered devices will appear.
  8. Touch the device to be paired.
  9. If you touched Make This System Discoverable, select headset or the vehicle’s name on your smartphone.
  10. A message will direct you to start the pairing process on your phone.
  11. On selected phones, verify the passcode or PIN.
  12. Then touch either Pair or OK on your phone when prompted.
  13. A confirmation will appear that your phone has been paired and connected.
  14. Once paired and connected, on certain smartphones, one or two messages will appear on your handset, requesting access to your contacts and text messages. Press accept or allow to sync up your phone book to your Entune head unit.
  15. Now you’re ready to make phone calls and listen to your music from your Bluetooth connected phone. You can pair up to five phones to your Toyota vehicle.
Author: Nabeel K

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