How to connect Bluetooth on Honda Pilot

The first step to using Bluetooth HandsFreeLink is to pair your phone to your Honda Pilot.

Honda Pilot, 3rd gen – (photo by Honda)

Third Generation (from 2015)

Make sure you put your vehicle in park – and that the Bluetooth is enabled on your phone, you can usually find this in your phone’s settings menu.

  1. To connect Bluetooth, press HOME button on center infotainment screen.
  2. Then select Settings.
  3. Next touch Phone.
  4. Then choose Bluetooth Device List and then Add Bluetooth Device.
  5. Once you’ve enabled the Bluetooth on your phone hit Continue on the touch screen.
  6. Select your phone when it appears on the list. If it doesn’t appear select Phone Not Found and search for HandsFreeLink from your phone.
  7. When the system recognizes the device, it will give you a six digit code which you should compare to the code that appears on your phone. If it matches, hit Pair on your phone. Now you can connect to HandsFreeLink
  8. Next, you can enable HondaLink Assist, which automatically sends emergency collision notifications. Your phone book and call history will also automatically import from your phone – to change these options, go back to Settings and then Phone.

Third Generation 2019 face-lift models

Honda’s bluetooth HandsFreeLInk feature lets drivers make and receive calls without touching their mobile phone. Make sure your phone is in search or discoverable mode, see your phone’s owner’s manual if you don’t know how.

  1. To pair a phone to Bluetooth HandsFreeLink, first ensure that it’s compatible by checking the phone’s user guide.
  2. To go through the process, the vehicle must be parked with the ignition on.
  3. Start by pressing the phone button icon to bring up the phone screen.
  4. The first time a phone is paired, a prompt will appear asking if you’d like to add a new phone. Rotate the selector knob to highlight Yes and press the knob to select it.
  5. When your phone appears on the list, press the selector knob to select it.
  6. If your phone doesn’t appear choose Phone Not Found, then search for Bluetooth devices with your phone and select HandsFreeLink.
  7. The system will then provide a pairing code on the audio screen. Make sure it matches the code appearing on your phone and confirm on the screen. Some phones may also require that you allow the connection.
  8. A notification will appear on the audio screen when pairing is successful.

Pairing multiple phones

Up to six phones can be paired to the HandsFreeLink system.

  1. To pair a second phone or more, press the phone button on the audio screen.
  2. A prompt may appear asking if you want to connect a phone, select NO.
  3. Then rotate the selector knob to Phone Setup and press the knob.
  4. Select Bluetooth Setup and press again.
  5. Now rotate knob and select Add New Device.
  6. You can then resume the procedure already described for a first pairing.

Second generation (2008-2015)

  1. Turn the ignition to ON position.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone, and make sure its in discoverable mode.
  3. Press PHONE button on the dashboard, located just below volume control knob on the left side of TUNE PUSH SELECT knob.
  4. A pop-up will appear letting you know that currently there is no phone paired. Using the TUNE PUSH SELECT rotary knob which is located below volume knob, select Yes.
  5. It will give you a friendly reminder to make sure your Bluetooth is on. Select Continue to proceed.
  6. After searching for a bit, it will display your phone. Select it using the rotary knob.
  7. It will then show you a pin code, usualy its 0000. Enter it into your phone and touch Pair button on your phone.
  8. It should then display a message, “Connection Setup is Complete” – which means your phone is now connected to your vehicle via Bluetooth.
Author: Nabeel K

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