How to connect Apple CarPlay on Toyota Supra

This guide will walk you through the Apple Carplay setup process for select Toyota GR Supra models.

Toyota Supra fifth generation (J29/DB from 2019) – (photo by Toyota)

Apple CarPlay is the smarter way to stay connected with your iPhone. While you drive, it uses Supra’s audio a multimedia display to provide easy access to many key apps and content from your connected iPhone, all perfectly adapted for use in the vehicle.

Standard Apple CarPlay apps include phone, music, maps, messages and podcasts. And there are also compatible third-party audio, messaging and navigation apps. It also works hand-in-hand with the Siri voice command system, that’s accessible through the vehicles microphone and audio system.

Also, because it runs from your iPhone, Apple CarPlay stays up-to-date on its own and for the 2020 GR Supra, Toyota makes using Apple CarPlay easier than ever, thanks to fully wireless connectivity using a combination of Bluetooth and an onboard Wi-Fi network. That’s right you don’t ever need to plug your iPhone into the vehicles USB port anymore, even charging can be handled via the available Qi compatible wireless charging pad.

How to connect Apple CarPlay

  1. First ensure that your iPhone has been paired to the vehicle through a Bluetooth connection.
  2. Once the iPhone and Supra are connected and pair for the first time, you’ll likely see a prompt on the iPhone asking if you’d like to use Apple Carplay with this vehicle – and if you allow the use of Apple CarPlay while the phone screen is locked.
  3. Select Yes to these messages and the connection will now automatically be established whenever the iPhone is inside the running vehicle.
  4. Now from here using Apple Carplay is as simple as selecting it. The easiest way is by selecting the Apple CarPlay section of the Multimedia Systems main menu – however you can also get to Apple CarPlay through the Media/Radio, Communication and Navigation sections.
  5. Once Apple CarPlay is selected, the Supra multimedia screen will display an interface similar to that of an iPhone – you’ll see a grid of available apps divided up into multiple pages along with some quick access app shortcuts to the left.
  6. Just use Siri or the Toyota Supra command controller to select the app you want.
  7. Let’s say you want to place a call using Siri, just select the phone app or hold down the voice command button until you hear the Siri response tone and then speak your request. For example, “Siri call Dave”
  8. You can also browse your contacts through the phone app as well as answer incoming calls and end ongoing calls.
  9. By selecting messages you can also use Apple CarPlay to have Siri read your latest messages to you as well as compose outgoing messages using Siri’s voice to text dictation functionality. Third-party messaging apps work in a similar way.
  10. If you want to play your favorite music. simply select the music app or other third party music app of your choice. Browse or search for the song artist or album you want to hear and then just hit Play – of course it’s even easier to just ask Siri to play it for you.
  11. The same works for maps and other navigation apps – just select the app you want to use for guidance, enter your destination if necessary, select any route requirements you have – like avoid tolls – and then select GO to begin.
  12. To exit the Apple CarPlay interface at any time, simply navigate to a different section of the multimedia system – don’t worry you can go in and out of Apple CarPlay as much as needed.

You can even use Supra’s onboard navigation while apple CarPlay is running – but of course the audio multimedia screen will only display one or the other at any given time.

Enable or disable Apple CarPlay manually

Apple CarPlay functionality can also be manually activated and deactivated through Supra’s audio multimedia system settings.

  1. To do this just go to My Vehicle and then System Settings
  2. Now within the mobile devices menu, select the appropriate iPhone and then toggle Apple Carplay on or off as needed.
  3. If Apple CarPlay is deactivated, the iPhone’s traditional Bluetooth functionality will still operate as normal.
Author: Nabeel K

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Spydo Staxxe
Spydo Staxxe
1 year ago

Apple CarPlay connection is hit and miss- mostly miss. I’ve “forgotten” and reconnected now like 5 times, and still only manage to get it to work maybe one attempt in 20.

I can get to the Apple CarPlay selection page (select that, or the Supra options). When I select APPLE CarPlay, it announces it is connecting, then it goes off and “thinks” about 20 seconds, then returns to the same menu. When I try to select it after that, it won’t allow it it seems since it does nothing when I click it.

I have CarPlay enabled on my iPhone, and I’m BT connected.

Combine this with the whole trunk rattling when the subwoofer operates- NOT the most dazzling audio system I’ve ever had!