How to connect Apple CarPlay on Toyota RAV4

All 2019 and newer Toyota RAV4 models equipped with Entune 3.0 are also Apple CarPlay compatible.

Toyota RAV4 – Fifth Generation XA50 – (photo by Toyota)

CarPlay lets you access iTunes, Apple Maps, make phone calls, and send messages all through your car’s touchscreen or with your voice using Siri.

Before you begin, ensure CarPlay and Siri are enabled on your iPhone 5 or newer device in your phone’s settings. This can be done by opening your Settings Menu -> Selecting General -> and then Restrictions. Next be sure that the CarPlay function is enabled and turned on.

To ensure Siri is enabled, go back to the Settings, and then Select ‘Siri and Search’. Make sure that the “Press Home for Siri” function is also turned on, if you would like to be able to access CarPlay via voice control.

  1. First you will need to confirm that CarPlay is enabled on the vehicle’s multimedia display. This is done by selecting Menu -> Setup -> General and making sure that CarPlay is turned on.
  2. Your iPhone 5 or newer device is now ready to be tethered, using an approved Apple Lightning Cable. Wireless connectivity for CarPlay is not supported.
  3. If you have connected the data cable to your iPhone, but CarPlay does not appear, ensure that you are using the data USB port on the dashboard.
  4. For charging purposes alone, you are free to use the charge ports located inside of the center console of most models.
  5. Once tethered, a message will then appear that prompts you to select one of three available options.
  6. If you would like to plug-in your mobile device strictly for charging, while also retaining Entune 3.0 functionality. Select “Do Not Enable”.
  7. If a friend or family member would like to connect to CarPlay, but will not be a frequent passenger, select “Enable Once”.
  8. If you are the primary driver, or one of many, and prefer CarPlay as the primary app source, select “Always Enable” to avoid this prompt from appearing next time you tether your iPhone.
  9. You are now ready to explore CarPlay and the available third-party apps. It is important to note however that some features and functions will operate differently than on iPhone and only Apple approved third-party CarPlay compatible applications can be used.
Author: Nabeel K

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Brian C
Brian C
1 year ago

I can buy a $25 device with a speaker that clips on the visor and lets me make calls and do all the Siri commands via Bluetooth without using any wires. Why can’t Toyota do that? Instead they make it overly complicated.

1 year ago
Reply to  Brian C

Dude, can you get Google maps or Apple maps for navigation on your device?