How to connect Apple CarPlay on BMW X3 wirelessly

In the following article we would like to introduce you to the versatile functions of Apple CarPlay in your BMW. We’ll also show you how to connect your iPhone to your BMW so that you can use Apple CarPlay.

Apple CarPlay display on BMW X3 – (photo by BMW)

What do you need to use Apple CarPlay?

To be able to use Apple CarPlay without restrictions, you need a vehicle with a production date of July 2016 or later.

It is also necessary that the BMW Navigation Professional System and convenience telephony with an extended smartphone connection are installed in your vehicle.

It should also be noted that at least one iPhone 5 with an installed iOS 10 operating system must be available to use Apple CarPlay.

Connect your iPhone

Establishing the connection between your BMW infotainment system and your iPhone is quick and takes just a few steps.

  1. To use Apple CarPlay on BMW X3, first select Communication.
  2. Then select Manage mobile devices.
  3. Then select Connect new device.
  4. Next touch Apple CarPlay and then Connect Apple CarPlay and confirm.
  5. Now go to your iPhone and make sure your Wi-fi is turned on.
  6. Now go to Bluetooth on your iPhone and touch on BMW device in discovery.
  7. A confirmation prompt will appear on your BMW, touch OK. Then confirm the same on your iPhone.
  8. After a few seconds, you should be connected and Apple CarPlay will appear on BMW’s infotainment home screen. Touch it to open Apple CarPlay.

It is recommended that you authorize access to your contacts during this process. This ensures that the hands-free system works optimally.

Video streaming will not work

So that you can fully concentrate on what is happening on the road, Apple does not use apps in CarPlay mode that provide visual content, for example it is not possible to play a video on YouTube or stream a series on Netflix. In this way you stay informed of important information such as upcoming appointments, but are not distracted from what is happening on the road.

Siri Voice Assistant

The connection of Apple CarPlay in your BMW makes it possible to use the Siri voice assistant in your car.

This function enables you to control all relevant apps via voice input. Typing messages or emails is no longer necessary and you can simply dictate your messages.

Received messages are also read out to you by CarPlay, this ensures that you always stay up to date and can concentrate fully on the journey.

Versatility through apps

The range of functions of Apple CarPlay can be easily expanded through downloads in the app store. For example, you can use navigation apps from other providers or connect your personally favorite messengers such as WhatsApp.

Please note that the list of these apps is limited and you will not be able to see all of their content.


For us, one of the highlights among the apps from the app store is definitely the community-based navigation app Waze. This provides you with various real-time information on the current traffic situation in the area and warns you of speed cameras, traffic jams or accidents that have been reported by the community.


Apple Car Play is available in the following BMW models.

Model year 2017 and onwards: 1 series, 2 series, 3 series, 4 series, 5 series, 6 series, 7 series, 8 series, X3, X4, X5, X6.

Model year 2018 and onwards: X1, X2, i3.

Model year 2019 and onwards: i8, Z4.

Author: Nabeel K

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