How to connect Android Auto on BMW

Android Auto is a safe way to use Android smartphone functions from selected apps like music, messaging or navigation in your BMW Operating System 7.

Android Auto on BMW 5-Series, seventh generation – (photo by BMW)

The new version 7 includes Android Auto, information from Google Maps can be shown in the head-up display, there is a new BMW Maps and much more. According to BMW, it is the biggest update that has ever been developed.

Wireless Connectivity

Android Auto doesn’t need any cable connection between your smartphone and your BMW, once you’ve paired your phone with the car for the first time they can remember each other.


To use Android Auto in your BMW, you’ll need a Google or Samsung branded phone with Android 10 or a smartphone with Android 11.0+ that can be any smartphone brand.

How to connect

  1. Activate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your smartphone to enable the wireless connection.
  2. Connect your smartphone to the vehicle via Bluetooth by going to ‘APPS’ and then ‘Android Auto’.
  3. Select your device from the list and confirm the data privacy terms.
  4. Check if the subsequent number is shown, and confirm on your smartphone.
  5. Once you completed the first run experience on your device, Android Auto will appear on the Central Information Display and is ready for you.
  6. Touch on the Android Auto icon on the top left of the Central Information Display to start Android Auto.
Android Auto start icon on BMW 5-Series infotainment system – (photo by BMW)

To get back into the BMW menu, just click on the BMW icon in Android Auto or press the HOME button next to your iDrive controller.

You can use the Google Assistant to interact with your smartphone by tapping on the microphone symbol and saying the desired command. Certain Android Auto functions like navigation directions are also displayed in the fully digital instrument cluster and in the Head-Up Display.

BMW Operating System 7: What’s new?

BMW Maps

BMW Maps offers a completely new navigation experience. The route calculation of the cloud-based system for the first time is significantly faster and also more dynamic, as it combines real-time information with forecast models. Points-of-interests receive additional contextual information on ratings, business hours and images. In addition, the destination entry has been significantly revised and is now easier and more intuitive to use, similar to what customers know from online search engines.

Android Auto

Google Android Auto is available as a new function after the upgrade and allows customers to use the functions of their smartphone via a wireless connection in the vehicle. With the help of the Google Assistant or via touch control, the customer can access his apps without having to operate the smartphone directly. Navigation instructions from Google Maps are shown in the info display and head-up display.

Turn by turn directions for Apple Maps on head-up display

With the extended functionality, the navigation information from Apple Maps via Apple CarPlay® now includes turn-by-turn directions and lane information that is shown directly on the head-up display and on the info display.

New parking features

Connected Parking supports the driver at the destination with various services when looking for a parking space. The on-street parking information not only shows the driver parking spaces, but also uses the available fleet data to calculate the probability of whether a parking space is free. The service now also takes the size of the vehicle model into account when comparing it with the parking space situation on site.

eDrive Zones

eDrive Zones is a new and globally unique digital service that helps customers with a BMW with a plug-in hybrid drive1 to be more environmentally conscious. Using geofencing, the vehicle automatically switches to all-electric driving mode when entering environmental zones. EDrive Zones are currently available in over 90 European cities.

Upgraded Personal Assistant

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is given a new and more emotional appearance, can differentiate between addressing the driver and the front passenger, and leans towards the person you are talking to. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is increasingly providing proactive assistance with possible voice commands. The suggestions are displayed in the redesigned widget. In addition, the virtual character is expanded to include numerous voice commands. For example, the power windows can be operated, the driving modes (COMFORT, SPORT and ECO PRO) can be changed or tips on more efficient driving can be obtained.

Charging stations details upgraded

Connected charging makes mobility more sustainable and innovative. The display of public charging stations has been expanded to include additional detailed information, for example on opening times, providers or authentication options. In addition, availability is shown at a glance. Points of interest such as cafés or restaurants near the charging station are also listed.

Smart tailgate opener

The smart opener function of the tailgate can now be configured individually or completely deactivated if desired.

Author: Nabeel K

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1 year ago

I installed the update, but I didnt get any Android Auto symbol on my infotainment screen and my phone is stuck on “Searching for Android Auto”. Any suggestions?

Nat Greene from Rochester
Nat Greene from Rochester
1 year ago
Reply to  Peter

Which phone are you using? Have you tried connecting any other phone? The problem could be with your phone, so to rule that out give another phone a try to see if it works.

If the second phone works, then it means there is a problem with your first phone. If both phones don’t work, then it means the problem is somewhere else: either you’re not setting up Android Auto right, or there is a problem with your upgrade.

5 days ago

I wish I could rid the google maps screen from andriod auto. I have no use for it and would prefer a different widget like clock or full screen Spotify