How to configure gauges on Ford F-150

You can customize gauges on Ford F-150 vehicles equipped with 8 inch or 12.3 inch instrument cluster screen.

Custom gauges on Ford F-150 14th generation 2021+

You can configure gauges via the instrument cluster settings with arrow keys on the steering wheel.

  1. Select Settings on the instrument display.
  2. Select Configure Gauges.
  3. Select to swap or change left-hand side and right-hand side gauges.

You have the option to select two gauges of your choice that will appear between temperature gauge and fuel gauge.

To change left hand-side gauge, go to Left Select Gauge under Configure Gauges.

Scroll to highlight your desired gauge, for example Oil Pressure, and press OK button on the steering wheel to confirm selection.

Author: Nabeel K

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  1. Sid Guerra Reply

    How do you get the battery gauge?
    I have searched and can’t find it