How to change time on VW Passat clock

All VW Passat vehicles are equipped with a digital clock, this guide shows you how to adjust time on the clock.

VW Passat – (photo by Volkswagen)

You may need to change time on the digital clock of your VW Passat after the vehicle battery has been disconnected, to accommodate daylight savings time, or to compensate for normal drift over a long period of time. This can be done in few simple steps.

Setting the time using the digital instrument cluster

1. Press the dedicated clock settings button located on the left side of the instrument cluster.

VW Passat clock settings button.

2. Press 0.0/SET button located on the right side of the instrument cluster to advance the clock. To speed up, press and hold the button.

3. Press the clock settings button again (on the left side) to close the clock settings.

Note: Depending on the vehicle equipment, clocks can also be set via the Settings menu in the instrument cluster display.

Video demonstration:

Author: Nabeel K


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