How to change time on VW Golf GTI clock

All VW Golf GTI vehicles are equipped with a digital clock, this guide shows you how to adjust time on the clock.

VW Golf GTI – (photo by Volkswagen)

You may need to change time on the digital clock of your VW Golf GTI after the vehicle battery has been disconnected, to accommodate daylight savings time, or to compensate for normal drift over a long period of time. This can be done in few simple steps.

Setting the time and date in the Infotainment system

  1. Tap the Settings function key.
  2. Select the Time and date menu item to set the time and date.
  3. Select time source: Automatic, or Manual.
  4. Select Time.
  5. Use up and down arrow buttons to adjust the time.

Note: The time and date are only displayed in the Infotainment system.

Video demonstration:

Setting the time in the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit

  1. Open the service menu.
  2. Select the Time menu.
  3. Set the time with the up and down arrow buttons.
Author: Nabeel K

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