How to automatically drive out of a parking spot on BMW 7-Series

The Park Assist makes it easier to drive out of parallel parking spaces. Use the Park Assist to park in or check the requirements when parking in manually.

BMW 7-Series – (photo by BMW)

To use the Automatic Parking Spot Departure, start your BMW with the Start/Stop button. Press the Park Assistant button or engage reverse gear to switch on the Park Assistant Menu.

Activate the Park Assist in the top right corner and confirm the required direction for leaving in the Control Display (infotainment system). During the maneuver, please keep an eye on the surroundings, in case of any danger intervene by braking or steering.

The system calculates the optimum line to take when driving out of the space and takes over steering, accelerating, braking and changing gear. Your BMW will not completely drive you out of the parking space, but will put you in a position where the driver can drive out of the space without any further steering movements.

Please make sure that it is safe to leave the parking space in the current traffic conditions, and drive off as usual.

Author: Nabeel K

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