How to adjust Lane Departure Warning on BMW X3, X5

BMW’s optional lane departure warning feature is an effective way to stay alert and stay in your lane especially when driving long distances or at night when drowsiness and a lack of concentration can easily set in.

BMW X3, Third Generation (G01; 2018+) – (photo by BMW)

Lane departure warning with steering intervention is a safety function to keep you in your lane. It uses the front camera to recognize the lane markings. When recognized and vehicle speed above minimum activation speed, a green symbol is shown in the instrument cluster.

Before crossing the lane marking, the steering wheel will start vibrating. A steering intervention away from the lane marking will take place if possible, followed by a realignment within the current lane.

During the steering intervention, the green symbol in the instrument cluster will flash.

Configuring Lane Departure Warning

The Intelligent Safety Systems can be configured individually. You can set the warning level of the Steering intervention by selecting “CAR”, “Settings”, “Driver Assistance”, “Safety and warnings”, “Lane departure warning”.

By setting the warning level to ‘Reduced’, the system will intervene less frequently. You can uncheck the box “Steering intervention” if you don’t want the vehicle to intervene.

You can quick access the Intelligent Safety menu by pressing the button with car icon in a circle next to hazard lights button.

Intelligent Safety menu button on BMW X3, third generation – (photo by BMW)

Then selecting “Configure INDIVIDUAL”. Here you can configure your preferred settings and save them under “INDIVIDUAL”.

By pressing the button repeatedly, the settings switch between “ALL ON” and “INDIVIDUAL”. If the button illuminates green, all Intelligent Safety Systems are switched on. If the light is orange, that means that some systems are switched off or are currently not available.

Turning off all Intelligent Safety Systems

Hold the Intelligent Safety button to switch all active Intelligent Safety Systems off for the current driving cycle.

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