How to adjust head restraints on Ford Escape

Your Ford Escape may be equipped with head restraints that not only adjust up and down, but can also be tilted to give you even more driving comfort versatility.

Ford Escape head restraints, fourth generation – (photo by Ford)

Adjusting them is simple, first be sure you seat back in a comfortable upright driving position.

To raise the head restraint Just pull up on it. To lower, press and hold the button at the base of the head restraint and push down.

To tilt, first pull it all the way forward so that it springs back to its untilted position. Then, simply pull the restraint forward to where it’s comfortable for you. You’ll hear a slight click at each position. If you’ve gone too far forward, or need to readjust, just pull it all the way forward again. And it will return to it’s starting position.

Author: Nabeel K

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