How to activate auto headlights with wipers on Ford Fusion

Your Ford Fusion may have a feature that can help increase visibility in bad weather by automatically turning on your headlamps whenever the windshield wipers are switched on?

Ford Fusion, second generation – (photo by Ford)

You can set your headlamps and tail lamps to come on any time you use your wipers.

Enabling auto headlamps

When your windshield wipers are in the on position and and your headlights are switched to the Autolamp position, your lights will automatically turn on too. And that makes it easier for others drivers to see you when the weather and the visibility is bad.

Auto headlamps rotary switch position on Ford Fusion second generation

In addition, when your headlamps are in the Autolamp position, they automatically turn on when it’s dark. And stay on for up to three minutes after you turn off the car and get out.

Change duration of auto headlamps

If you don’t want your lights to stay on that long, you could always change the duration. Just go to the message center, scroll to Settings, Lightning and then Autolamp Delay. Here you can select the length of time you want them to stay on for, you can choose between 10, 20, 30, 60, 90, 120 or 180 seconds.

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