How to access under-seat storage on Ford Ranger

Your Ford Ranger pick-up is ready to take you, your friends, or your crew, plus gear, on your next great adventure with convenient interior storage capability.

New Ford Ranger – (photo by Ford)

Both Ranger SuperCab and SuperCrew models have under-seat storage for items that you wanna keep hidden or just out of the way.

For SuperCrew

  1. To access storage in SuperCrew with three passenger rear bench seating, first secure the seat buckles in the slots with the elastic bands.
  2. Then pull the tether straps and raise the seat bench.
  3. To return it to its original seating position, just lower the bench seat all the way down.
  4. Each storage bin is waterproof to help keep your items dry, while also keeping your interior clean and dry.

For SuperCab

  1. To access storage in SuperCab with two passenger rear seating, simply pull the strap to remove the seat cushion.
  2. Keep in mind, the seat is held in place with a hook and loop mechanism on the back side of the seat cushion, so you’ll need to lift it to unlatch it.
  3. Once removed, you’ll find individual cargo bins under each seat for storing items. Each bin has an additional twist locking lid to secure it shut.
  4. To close it, just slide the cushion back into position, being sure that the hooks are properly in place.
Author: Nabeel K

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