How does the Anti-Theft Alarm System work on Ford F-150

The The Anti-Theft Alarm System on Ford F-150 warns you of an unauthorized entry to your vehicle.

Ford F-150 14th generation – (photo by Ford)

If you have set up FordPass app on your smartphone, the system will send alerts on your phone if there is any unauthorized entry.

When armed, the anti-theft alarm is triggered in any of the following ways:

  • If someone opens a door, the tailgate or the hood without a correctly coded key or remote control.
  • If you turn the power on without a correctly coded key.
  • If the interior sensors detect movement inside your vehicle.
  • If the inclination sensors detect an attempt to raise your vehicle.
  • If someone disconnects the vehicle battery or the battery backup alarm.
  • If someone disconnects the trailer.

Any further attempts to carry out one of the above sounds the alarm again.

If the anti-theft alarm is triggered, the alarm horn sounds for 30 seconds and the direction indicators flash for five minutes.

Perimeter Alarm

The perimeter alarm is designed to detect unauthorized access to your vehicle.

Interior Sensors

The interior sensors are designed to detect any movement inside your vehicle. The interior sensors are in the overhead console.

Note: Do not cover the interior sensors.

Inclination Sensors

The inclination sensor is designed to detect an attempt to raise your vehicle, for example to remove a wheel or to tow it away.

Battery Backup Alarm

The battery backup alarm is an additional alarm system that has its own battery and horn. It is designed to detect if the vehicle battery or the battery backup alarm is disconnected.

Arming the Anti-Theft Alarm System

The alarm is ready to arm when there is not a key in your vehicle. Lock your vehicle with your remote control to arm the alarm.

Disarming the Anti-Theft Alarm System

Disarm the alarm by performing any of the following actions:

  • Unlock the doors with the remote control.
  • Switch your vehicle on or start your vehicle.
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